Over the years we have received a variety of letters, emails and cards from participating schools, students and parents. Please find a selection of these below:

Term 2 2017, Cardiff Public School, Newcastle – Antony Surjan
“Great to get the kids moving, particularly those that generally don’t take part in such great activities. Very useful for concert/assembly items”.

Term 4 2016, Auburn Public School, Sydney – Joanne Hillsley
“The skills and lessons taught by Ashley have been well received by the staff and students. Ashley has been very adaptable with changes to venues and routines each week”.

Term 4 2016, Tomerong Public School, Shoalhaven – Luke Seymour-Munn
“Teachers happy and students enjoyed the hip-hopping”.

Term 4 2016, Berry Public School, Shoalhaven – Sue McCauliffe
“Kristy gets 100% engagement from all students, even those who may have been reluctant at first”.

Term 1 2016 - Fassifern Public School - Newcastle – Julie Broome
“Coach was fantastic. Great fun program. Thank you.”

Term 1 2016 – Castlereagh Public School – Sydney - Tony Jeff
"The program delivered was high in activity and was presented in a step by step manner which support childrens' learning.
The program was highly engaging for students across the school with excellent communication."

Term 4 2015 – North Ainslie Primary School – ACT - Tara Mitchell
“The students thoroughly enjoyed the program and all of the dances were fun and achievable for all skill levels. Thank you!

Term 4 2015, Lake Monger Primary School – WA – Justin Douglas
“Shannelle built up a good rapport with the students. She was able to quickly identify ability level of the students and modify to suit. We had a fantastic end of year dance concert because of Shannelle and the wonderful dances that were taught so well.”

Term 2 2015, Berry Public School, Sue McAuliffe
“Kristy is an excellent teacher who caters beautifully to our school dance commitments and whom our children love! All children have improved their movement skills and look forward to our dance sessions.”

Term 1, 2015 – Wisemans Ferry Public School – Suzanne Oliver
“A great program that the students really enjoyed. It was a pleasure having your program at our school.”

Term 4, 2014 – Marrickville Public School – Debby Barkla
“The instructor had excellent class control, organized the students effectively, was very enthusiastic, communicated clearly, demonstrated the dances well and was always punctual.
The dance program was extremely successful. The instructors skills and personality were appreciated by all the teachers and all students in the year 6 classes that participated in the program.”

Term 4, 2014 – Lake Monger Primary School – Justin Douglas
“The instructor was always punctual and built a great rapport with the kids. The lessons were well structures and organized. The instructor was easy to talk and communicate with.
The music chosen was great for each year level.”

Term 4, 2014 – Clarendon Primary School – Marg Whelan
“The instructor was a vibrant, enthusiastic and positive dance teacher. She engaged all ages right from the beginning of the program. She managed the classes from Reception to Year 7 exceptionally well.

It just look like fun for all the students!

We were all very happy with the program and found the instructor be an excellent dance teacher. We enjoyed having her and all the students participated with enthusiasm.”

Term 4, 2014 – Teralba Public School – Amy Burgess
“We are very happy with the instructor. She has a great rapport with the students, is highly organized and enthusiastic.

Very easy to book with Australian School Dance. Very pleased with the communication from the company.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this program. Teachers and children have shown enthusiasm towards this program. Thank you for the great dance program.”

Term 3, 2014 – Madang Avenue Public School – Samantha Gillard
“Salvatore is a kind, patient and enthusiastic dance instructor. He quickly picked up on our students dance level and made adjustments to his teaching.
Salvatore brought an element of fun to all lessons by playing dance games. He displayed positive classroom management and worked well with staff.
Our parents very much enjoyed the K-2 Hip Hop concert. It was our first ever dance program and concert and it ran smoothly. The students formed a great friendship with Salvatore and at all times he was positive and professional. Thank You.”

Term 3, 2014 – Christ The King – Fabrizio Fieni
“Overall, our staff and children were very satisfied and enthused with the Zumba program. Thank you.”

Term 3, 2014 – Bilpin Public School – Marilyn Chapman
“It was a fantastic experience for our students. They had lots of fun!”

Term 3 2014, St Joseph’s Primary School – Jennifer Eddstein-Boyes
“Miss Carly has been friendly but firm with the children in K/1. This has seen the children achieve well. They really enjoy the dance lessons.
The program has been well developed. A great program with plenty of work out time and lots of fun. My K/1 class thoroughly enjoyed it.

Term 3 2014, Berry Public School – Sue McCaulilffe
“Kristy is a highly competent, enthusiastic dance teacher who the students relate to beautifully. We are extremely happy with the program.

Term 3, 2014 – Jervis Bay Christian Community School – Suzanne Bellette
“Staff have been very positive about the development they see in the children week by week. Students are engaged and enjoying the program. So many education outcomes re achieved. We are so happy we made the decision to do the program. Thank you so much.”

Term 3, 2014 – Gundaroo Public School – Elise Mitchell
“We are delighted with the whole program”.

Term 3, 2014 – Woolomin Public School – Kerri-Anne Hubble
“Students respond very well to the dance teacher. We are pleased that a performance is planned at the conclusion of the program. Especially for parents in the P&C who help fund the program. Thank you.”

Lance Holt Primary School, Term 4, 2013 " The dance teacher was fabulous with the kids. Kids loved the program. Head Office was great to deal with and always very helpful." Christine McInnis, Lance Holt Primary School, 0893356742

    • Term 1 2014, Lavington East Public School "Loved that students were exposed to different cultures. Program incorporated both fast and slow styles standing and sitting down allowing students different opportunities to express themselves.Vicki Newman, Lavington East Public School Term 1 2014, Lavington East Primary School "A truly wonderful dance program. Students learned various cultural dances, their meanings and specific moves. Great explicit instructions and enthusiasm from dance teacher. Most teachers used what their students had learned for assembly items. Thanks!! " Vicki Newman.