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Meet The Team

The strength of School Dance lies with our experienced and dedicated management team.

Lead by our General Manager, Sue McIver, our Management Team has a firm commitment to developing and delivering dance programs of the highest standard that will meet curriculum requirements and engage the students in the art of movement. Sue leads a committed and dedicated team of professionals who work together to ensure that Australian School Dance delivers on our promise to all schools and that the programs that we provide and the absolute best they can be.


Program Team

Our dedicated Program Coordinators will oversee every aspect of your program to ensure a high standard of delivery. They will work collaboratively with you to decide what kind of dance program will best suit the needs of your school and how to best work the dance program into your school's timetable. They will then provide you all information regarding your program and your dance instructor and work with you throughout the entire program to ensure that the program is the best it can be.

Our Coaches

Our choreographers are highly trained and experienced dancers who work with our Management Team to ensure that our programs are what schools want! We carefully align our programs to satisfy both the Creative Arts and Physical Education curriculum. Australian School Dance provides dances that are suitable and enjoyable for every learning stage. Our music is always the most modern or most suitable and is scrupulously screened to ensure that it is appropriate for use in primary schools.

Interested In Booking A Program For Your School?

Complete the form and we will contact you to arrange your program.

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