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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are your programs available?

Our programs are available Australia wide. We service all areas from capital cities to regional and remote Australia.

Q: How much do programs cost?

Our commitment to health and fitness and getting all Australian kids activated is reflected in our very reasonable pricing. Charged on a per class basis, our programs generally work out to be about $3.30 per student per class. There are no additional costs! Please contact us for a quote for your school.

Q: How do programs run?

Our experienced instructors will attend your school and run programs during normal school hours. We run a minimum of 4 classes per day and generally run one day a week for a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks.

Q: Do programs fulfil curriculum guidelines?

All Australian School Dance programs meet curriculum guidelines. Each school participating in our Australian School Dance program will receive our School Resource Pack, Working With Children and Young People screenings and all other relevant information. Schools confidently use our programs to satisfy all PDHPE outcomes as well as units in creative arts and social studies through the International Dance program.

Q: Is Activated Group approved or accredited?

Activated Group is approved and accredited by a number of organisations including; AusDance, NSW Commission for Children and Young People and the NSW Business Chamber. For more information please visit our accreditation page.

Q: What type of room/venue is required?

Australian School Dance programs can be run in a variety of locations. Whilst the school hall is preferred, we are flexible and can run programs in a variety of locations both inside and out. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Interested In Booking A Program For Your School?

Complete the form and we will contact you to arrange your program.

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