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Getting The World Activated Through Dance!

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Australian School Dance is Australia's leading provider of in-school dance programs with a firm reputation of providing high quality, professional programs to primary schools throughout Australia. Our programs have been developed to specifically meet the needs of primary schools while fully engaging all students in dance and movement and stimulating their creativity.

Over these past years we have listened to what schools want and developed programs that we believe are the best available in Australia.


Whether you want your students to learn a dance to perform at a display or learn about the relevance of dance within different cultures, Australian School Dance has a program to suit!

Australian School Dance

Taught by Australian School Dance industry professionals, our aim is to use dance to engage students in movement and creativity.   We offer three comprehensive programs for your school to choose from:

  • Enjoy the International Dance Experience which enables each student to learn four dances throughout the term in the style of African, Hawaiian Hula, Bollywood and Hollywood.

  • Learn contemporary, fun and engaging routines with our Dance Display Program

  • Get everyone moving with a Hip Hop Dance program that is true to it's genre but suitable for school children.

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